Ceyx (sē'ĭks) and Alcyone (ăl-sī'ə-nē)

-Ceyx is the king of Thessaly.
-Alcyone is the daughter of Aeolus, King of the Winds.
-The two loved each other devotedly and were never willingly apart.
-Ceyx had to make a long journey across seas and Alcyone is terrified.
-Alcyone begs Ceyx not to go, and if he does, she wants to go with him.
-Ceyx gets a council from the Oracle and decides not to take Alcyone with him.
-The very night he left there was a fierce storm and Ceyx was glad Alcyone did not come with.
-Alcyone prays to Juno, not knowing the boat sank. Juno is touched by her feelings and she talks to the God of Slumber to send Alcyone a dream of what happened to Ceyx.
-The God of Slumber sent his son, Morpheus, to change into the shape of the dead Ceyx to tell her he is dead.
-As soon as she wakes up, Alcyone starts crying and tells him she wants to die soon because he is not with her anymore.
-The next morning, she goes to the shore, where she sees Ceyx's body floating to shore.
-Alcyone jumps over the water, turns into a bird, and flies to her dead husband.
-When she gets to him, his body has disappeared and the gods changed Ceyx into a bird so they can be together forever.
-Their love was unchanged and they were always seen together.
-The End.

This story is connected with the love story of Baucis and Philemon. At the end of both stories, the lovers get to be together forever in a different form. Ceyx and Alcyone were transformed into birds and Baucis and Philemon were transformed into trees. Their love was so strong that the gods felt they needed to be together forever.

This story shows that the Greeks felt that love was undying. Because their love was so strong, when one of them died, the gods felt that they should be together. This means that the greeks must have felt strongly about love and that if two people loved eachother with that much intensity, they should be together forever to keep their love strong.

The fierce storm that killed Ceyx

Juno coming down from the sky to answer Alcyone's cry